I use the power of copywriting, storytelling and strategic thinking to solve brand and business problems.

Whether building brand solutions or launching a specific campaign, my goal is to surface powerful stories that are clear, emotive and effective.

My work has won Effie, Addy and Webby Awards and I've served on juries for both the Effies  and the One Show, as well as a guest lecturer at Miami Ad School here in New York. 

As a public speaker I've recently been interviewed on France24’s program, the 51%, about female empowerment advertising and was the featured guest on a Forbes-sponsored podcast on the subject of Politics, Fake Feminism And Advertising. My editorial writing has been featured in the industry publications Campaign and Art + Marketing

Outside of agency walls, I the founded Yoga For the Revolution, with the aim of translating the ancient tools of yoga into a practical toolkit to help the resistance. I also write and produce its accompanying podcast. 



I've sold booze and dog food, cars and credit cards. And like many in the ad business, I felt disillusioned. After the election in November 2016, I was furious. I wanted more from this industry full of creative, talented salespeople.

My current focus is on small businesses and non-profit organizations, as well as the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of for-profit corporations. I can write and I can sell. And I'd simply rather sell fundamental human rights than whiskey.

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While at POSSIBLE, I helped grow the NY office by more than double. The Creative Department grew from a cadre of freelancers to a diverse full-time crew. Most recently, I led the digital team on Wild Turkey as they launched their new celebrity Creative Director, and on Purina, for both their Veterinary target as well as their Breeder & Enthusiast team. 

I spearheaded special projects for smartwater, with metrics I like to brag about, and Lancôme, with no measurable results whatsoever - but immeasurable lessons learned. 

In 2016, I led the creative work for the National Cable and Telecommunications Association which garnered the team an honorable mention in the 'Weird' Category - my kind of designation. 




My work at Wunderman began with Direct Mail for our Citi Bank client, and evolved quickly into site, social and mobile work on Land Rover. This is where I learned what a 360 campaign is - and isn't. With the digital work at Wunderman and the print at Y&R, the navigation was tricky. It doesn't matter how many times you repeat the phrase, "One team, one dream." If you don't have shared goals, you're in for a crummy time. 

That said, in 2012, the Range Rover Evoque launch site won Official Honoree from the Webby Awards. Which was followed by a fully integrated short-film and interactive gaming experience for the launch of Range Rover Sport. Along with several social led projects, including a short film from user-gen content, I also kicked off Land Rover's CRM program from scratch.



As part of new business efforts to bolster Ogilvy's digital portfolio, I was part of the team that led wins on Stoli Vodka, leading to a New York Addy Award in 2009, and Liz Clairborne. We also helped to temporarily revive the much loved, but lagging, Kodak brand. Those efforts garnered an Effie Award for Kodak's Idea Center, a proto-social sharing network, in 2008 before the whole company went boots up a few years later. 

Ogilvy is where I first learned to swim in a big pond. I managed projects and people for the first time - very different tasks. I learned from some of the best in the business and I failed more than I succeeded. Which, if you ask me, is how you get to good work in the first place.