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In 2014, Lancôme asked us how we would launch their new brand ambassador in social. In response, we asked them to change the question.

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Coming off her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 12 Years a Slave, Lupita Nyong'o had become a red-carpet phenom - and used her newfound celebrity to espouse a different kind of attitude towards beauty. She was quoted as saying, "Beauty is not something I could acquire or consume." So why would someone like this choose to be the face of a brand that sold beauty products?

Taking a step back, we looked at the category and discovered that brands talk about "beauty" as something to be bought - or a standard to be fought against. But that's simply not how women experience beauty. 

We know that women experience beauty as part of the larger fabric of life, and that some of the most beautiful people we knew didn't fit the conventions set out by any brand. Which got us thinking about what beauty really means. 

Let’s allow Lupita to tell a story that will redefine the way the world sees Lancome - embrace her unique voice, not just use her face as a palette.