Guest appearance on The 51%

In this segment for France24's show The 51%, Claire Pryde discusses the merits of female empowerment advertising - and the drawbacks - with Creative Director, Carrie Ingoglia.

Watch the segment.

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Guest on Forbes podcast, 'Hiding In The Bathroom'

Has it ever struck you as odd that the same ad agency selling you feminism in the form of an uplifting ad is also selling you “hot girls in bikinis eating hamburgers?” Welcome to advertising! But now, this “will work for anyone” ethos is under question like never before, and rightly so.

On this episode of Hiding in the Bathroom, Carrie and Morra discuss big questions around politics, morality and fake feminism in advertising.

Listen to the full podcast. 

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Dismissing Our Personal Politics is Wrong for Our Business, or I Love You Advertising But You're Bringing Me Down

I’ve asked a handful of trusted friends. I keep Googling for answers. And I’m coming up short. What is the ad industry doing about Trump?

We are an industry full of creative and strategic minds, passionate storytellers and salespeople. But it seems like, collectively, we’re sitting on our hands.  

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Why I'm No Longer Looking for Female Role Models

We often talk about the 3% problem not being one of recruitment, but one of retention: Women leave the workplace. They leave because of unconscious bias; male dominance; lack of opportunity, mentors or drive; or they simply choose something else. And while it’s true that this leaves a lack of female role models for the next generation — it also leaves a lack of compatriots for this one.

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